Command: Professional Edition is the next generation in cross-domain modern wargaming. It enables you to simulate every military engagement from post World War II to the present day and beyond. The scale is primarily tactical/operational, although strategic scale operations are also possible.

What is Command: Professional Edition

The depth of the most advanced military simulations with the ease of commercial software.

Our software is used by a range of partners including the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, the UK MOD, Dstl, RAAF, Boeng, BAE, Lockheed Martin and many more. Our software is used for Operational Analysis, wargames, training future force and much more.


Matrix Games is the leading provider of COTS simulation for military professionals.


Add new equipment or modify the capabilities of any item in a database from WWII to the modern era


Use wargames to study the outcome of both tactical and operational engagements

Concept Development

Study the effects of planning and equipment in 1 or 10X scenario runs


Train Commanders and Staff in all-domain wargames focused on planning and decision making


In-depth planning for fuel and munition consumption and resource allocation

Leverage the Future

Train your AI/ML tools in an all-domain scenario; leverage Big Data to uncover hidden connections


Built around a physics-based sensor model Commercial market-tested and approved Point and click interface Easy to use - support is available, but not required
Detailed editing of unit Mission, Doctrine, ROE, Triggers, etc. Tactical to Global Scenarios Commercially tested for years by wargame enthusiasts Fully editable database - create and modify entities and their capabiliti


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Matrix Games is the world leading publisher of commercial wargames. From real-time to turn-based, there is a wide variety of choice for multiple applications.

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