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Command Professional Edition at I/ITSEC

Published on December 15, 2021

Command Professional Edition at I/ITSEC

Matrix Games Pro Software attended I/ITSEC on a stand hosted by KBR and showed off Command PE and some of the great analytical tools. The turnout of people interested was outstanding.
Command PE is a full 3D multidomain battlespace (Air, Land, Sea, Space & Cyber) that uses real physics to calculate sensor and weapons engagements at the entity level.

Command PE’s stochastic engine and Artificial Intelligence generate emergent behaviors while managing thousands of entities at faster than real-time speeds.

With a database the most comprehensive open-source DB in the wargaming & simulation space, it is no surprise that Command PE is in wide use across the DOD and internationally.
Command PE’s use is expanding fast with over 2000 users across 100 defence organizations including the USAF, USMC, US Navy and US Army, as well as research institutes, military academies and throughout the defence supply chain in the US and internationally.




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