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Command: Professional Editon - Amphibious Operations

Published on November 25, 2021

Command: Professional Editon - Amphibious Operations
The amphibious operations planner

Amphibious Operations for Command Professional Edition were recently presented, through a practical demonstration using a real scenario. 

The intent was to create a realistic scenario where we are in command of a Carrier battle group, consisting of escort warships, amphibious vehicles and an F-18 combat patrol supported by an AEW E-2 Hawkeye aircraft. 

The primary objective is to conquer the hostile coast by exploiting the landing of amphibious troops, so we will have the first phase of attack to make the area safe, the whole operation is carried out by the artificial intelligence that provides the orders to the unit and prepares the mission plan at the beginning of the scenario. 

Pre-landing air strikes of amphibious vehicles will be sent on the beach, all elements and details will be calculated by artificial intelligence based on the inputs given by the user at the beginning of the scenario.


Theater of battle 

As soon as we start the scenario we can see that our forces begin to detect and classify the units present in the range, which are marked with the yellow color, contact not identified at the moment, their status will automatically update and turn red when they are classified as hostile.


This is thanks to the sensors that play a fundamental role in real life as in the Command Professional Edition, where it is possible to delete, modify or add sensors to any platform through the Database.


Two enemy aircraft have been detected, when enemy air Units approach, our combat patrol moves automatically to engage in combat, the pink circle clearly represents the engagement range of our aircraft directed towards hostile units.


The incoming enemy planes are bombers, so they do not pose a serious threat and our planes, using the data link that allows them to work cooperatively, will make sure that each enemy threat gets a missile aimed at it and once the missiles being nearby turn on their radar as a guide, this is visible through the white cones that protrude forward.


In the meantime we can see that another threat has been detected approaching the aircraft carrier's battle group, anti-ship missiles. The carrier's tactical group immediately fires a wave of defensive interceptors, this is based on politics and in particular on the reaction time on the high threat.  


Threats will be destroyed thanks once again to their ability to aim, available only on the most modern systems,in this case the RIM-174 were used. The Standard ERAM is a two-stage missile with a booster stage and a second stage,The missile may be employed in a number of modes: inertial guided to target with terminal acquisition using active radar seeker, semi-active radar homing all the way, or an over the horizon shot with Cooperative Engagement Capability. 


Now our battle group launches an attack with F-35 supported by 2 Growler, the mission is to destroy the air defenses around the landing area to make it safe for the landing of amphibious troops,they using AGM-88E HARM that can attack and destroy a radar antenna or transmitter with minimal aircrew input. The proportional guidance system that homes in on enemy radar emissions has a fixed antenna and seeker head in the missile's nose. A smokeless, solid-propellant, booster-sustainer rocket motor propels the missile at speeds over Mach 2.0.


Any other hostile ground units are hired to clean the area and make it safe before landing the amphibious troops.


Now the assault can begin, using Osprey the marines will be parachuted to capture the airport, so that it can later be used to transport heavy equipment by air. The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, tiltrotor military aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft.


Is the time for the LCAC amphibious (Landing Craft Air Cushion) units armed with two 12.7 mm (.50 in) machine guns, Granade launcher and M60 machine gun with operational range of 200nmi at 40kn, one wave will head towards the north beach and another wave will head towards the south beach to strengthen the airport. 


These amphibious vehicles of course can travel inland, they are not limited to water, so after unloading they come back to carry the next wave. At this point the airport was captured and the first wave landed thanks to amphibious vehicles.


The video of this demo is available here.


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