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Matrix Games announced Nuclear War Simulator

Published on May 31, 2021

Matrix Games announces it has a signed a deal with Ivan Stepanov to publish its Nuclear War Simulator product. This collaboration will allow Matrix Games to further develop its roster of accurate modern warfare simulation software for commercial and professional use.

Alongside the development of a stand-alone version of the software for professional purposes, the deal's short-term goals are to optimize it and integrate its capabilities with Command Professional Edition.

About Ivan Stepanov

Ivan grew up in the city of Semipalatinsk, just miles away from the nuclear site where the Soviet Union tested most of their weapons.

He started reading and collecting information about nuclear weapons very early, only to find out that there was no digital simulation dealing with the subject in great detail.

He started working on the Nuclear War Simulator project to fill that gap and further enhanced the software's capabilities in many years of hard work and analysis.


The Simulation

Nuclear war simulator is a detailed realistic simulation and visualization of large-scale nuclear conflicts with a focus on humanitarian consequences; in this simulation, you can design warheads, missiles, and carries, place them on the map and execute attack plans to tell a credible story about how nuclear conflicts play out and what are the consequences.
Using a high-resolution population density map and realistic weapons effects like blast, heat, and radiation, you can make an estimate of how many people will die in a conflict.


  • Setup large conflict scenarios with hundreds of units and thousands of warheads. You can replay the scenarios, considering effects like first strike, second strike, and estimate the humanitarian impact.

  • Models from the Cold War are used to calculate the physical effects of nuclear explosions on military targets and on the population using a high-resolution population density grid.

  • Design warheads, missiles, bombs, silos, bombers, mobile carriers and position them on the map to recreate past, present, or future arsenals.

  • Create attack plans aiming at military targets or population.

  • Scenarios can be saved and you can easily download scenarios created by other people.

  • Modify and share scenarios, unit blueprints, icon textures, etc.

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