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Update Version 2.03 is now available.

Published on June 16, 2021

The first official update for Command PE v2.0, version  2.03, is now available.


As the first post-release update for CPE v2, this patch fixes a number of performance/memory issues and other reported problems and also includes several improvements for the multiplayer system:

• Record Feature: The MP-Server now has a recorder feature, whereby the server will record scenario data into a .rec (recorder tape) file, which can then be streamed to the umpire's computer.

• Running Execution Log: The MP-Server now sends the execution log to the Umpire in 1-second intervals.

• Server Network Event Exporter: The MP-Server now transfers the generated event-export files from the server computer to the umpire computer.

• Losses & expenditures are now transmitted from the server to the umpire computer.


The full list of fixes and additions is included as part of the revised release notes.


Like CPE v2 itself, this new update is freely available to all current and new users of Command Professional Edition.

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