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Command Professional Edition customizable database

Published on March 17, 2022

Command Professional Edition customizable database.

Command Professional Edition has a fully customizable database with over 70k entries from all domains of military operations, from underwater to space.

Command’s database, puts you in control of nearly every frontline aircraft, ship, submarine and land facility and major ground unit created in the world from 1945 into the near future.
Aircraft can be further customized by use of a loadout system that includes historical and hypothetical loadouts, all of which realistically affect maneuvering, range, fuel capacity, fuel consumption, sensor and weapons options, enabling a realistic accounting of warfare in the land, sea and air both past, present and future.

Edit Command's database to create and fight using new or imagined technologies. Add a laser, adjust the speed and see how that changes the outcome. Every platform in Command is modeled at the component level and includes editable parameters for fuel capacity, maneuverability, maximum and minimum altitude, and the equally editable sensors, mounts, and weapons.


USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81)

Stern view

Top view

Side view



DB3K v492 has: 

constantly updated and increased

  • 5362 Aircraft
  • 3473 Ships
  • 666 Subs
  • 3329 Facilities
  • 148 Mobile ground units
  • 137 Satellites
  • 6316 Sensors 
  • 3756 Weapons
  • 3264 Mounts/launchers
  • 1501 Magazines
  • 28970 Aircraft loadouts
  • 320 Comms/datalinks
  • 3015 Engines 
  • 1155 Warheads
  • 134 Air-facilities
  • 40 Dock-facilities
  • 418 Fuel records
  • 9328 Weapon records



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